"Nothing Is Left Out!"


Being an AdWords Professional myself, I understand how difficult it is for people to learn how to create a winning AdWords campaign.

What you have done with AdWords In A Box is to create a "take-you-by-the-hand" complete AdWords system that takes a beginner all the way from start to completion.

Nothing is left out. What I like most is the fact you guys use a REAL profitable campaign as an example.


(For that I MUST say - You GUYS are INSANE!)


Good work!


google Adwords Proffessional


Fabian Lim
Qualified AdWords Professional


"Recommended This Product To My Clients!"


I don’t usually offer testimonials to people I haven’t known for a long period of time, however after reading your new Adwords In A Box product I simply had to say something.

You guys really do lead people by the hand and show a complete Google AdWords text based campaign with all the bells and whistles intact and I strongly believe that anyone who buys this product will get a clearer picture on exactly what it takes to become successful using Google AdWords for their online marketing.


I’ll be making sure I recommend this product to my clients.


Adam Davis
Qualified AdWords Professional & International Internet Marketing Speaker


Google Qualified Consultant Wreaks Havoc Among So-Called PPC Experts And Crushes "Magic Pill" Promise-Of-Instant-Riches Schemes... Unveiling Actual Niche Adwords Campaigns That Earn 334.95% Return On Investment Or Higher.


From: Peng Joon & Matt Ng
Today's Date:
To: Any marketer with an open mind

When it comes to marketing any product through Pay-Per-Click advertising programs, a lot - and I really mean A LOT - of people spend too much before seeing any profit.

And most of the time, these frugal advertisers don't have the deep pockets and big tolerance for risk. Let me ask you this:

#1 - Are you one of those who has lost a fortune on Google Adwords? (bet you are)

#2 - Have you trembled at the thought of another ineffective Google campaign?

#3 - Have you been wondering how some people actually make a full-time, five-figure monthly income using just Adwords and affiliate programs?

#4 - Have you been sold some hogwash, B.S. PPC product that is theoretical and targeted merely at a super competitive market that you would be totally crushed in?

#5 - Doesn't it scare you that everyone who sells their Adwords product seems to be some 'guru' instead of a normal person?

#6 - Would you like to have broken the $5000 barrier in earnings, like, last year?!

#7 - Isn't it time for YOU to have a practical zero-theory guide that leads even complete beginners to an achievable - and enviable - income?

Does this sound familiar to you?

If this sounds anything like you at all, I urge you to read on.

Because I guarantee that by the time you reach the end of this letter, you will understand The Adwords game better than 99% of the people out there.

My name is Peng Joon. I am making a decent living off marketing my products and other people's affiliate programs through the Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Advertising Program.

Just so you know I am not spewing hot air, here are some of the screen shots taken from my PayPal account for the last 3 months.

paypal screenshot

paypal screenshot

In addition to the above, I also receive checks from ClickBank and other affiliate networks every single month.

Clickbank Screenshot

August clickbank

Clickbank Cheque

Clickbank Cheque
Click on screen shot for enlarged view in another window.

And Here Are A Few Things That You Should Know About Me:
  • I am a Certified Google Adwords Qualified Professional so that very much explains how well versed I am with Adwords Marketing. Here's proof:


Adwords Qualified Individual

  • I have been involved in Internet Marketing for only less than 6 months at this time of writing

  • I have been marketing through the Google Adwords program for no more than 4 months

  • Unlike most of the "gurus" out there, I DON'T make my bulk of the fortune from "make money" niches and also

  • I am only 22 years-old as of this time of writing!


What this simply means is that I am not a believer in "you have to be in Internet Marketing for years before you start seeing an ounce of profit" - that's total hogwash! And I know you know it too!


"My Personal Reference!"

If there was ever an explanatory guide to getting started with Adwords, Peng's volume would rest with pride on my shelf. This guide covers all your bases, from learning where to start, to optimising your campaigns so that you make a profit.

I've seen many fly by night "Adwords learning" products that shouldn't even be viewed by hopeful marketers. This ebook is not like that.

It's got everything I need to get started, and I can move off in confidence with the guide as my personal reference.

Brad Smith


As soon as I graduated, I was working for Oracle as their consultant for the next 18 months. (No, it's got nothing to do with that character from The Matrix)

Okay you're probably half expecting that I started my venture into Internet Marketing because my boss was such a schmuck. Well no, that didn't happen. On the contrary, I got along with my employer pretty well.

The pay was alright for a university graduate. The employee benefits were attractive. And if I worked hard enough, I could be promoted and earn a raise in climbing the corporate ladder.

However deep down inside, I know I could do so much better.

After all, who is happy with a fixed salary capped over like a ceiling? I don't know about you but to me, I saw it as a way of your employer saying "that's how much I THINK you are worth".

-----> And I know I am worth beyond the 4 little figures on my monthly check.

PLUS my big ambitions didn't help matters either (surprise, surprise) - it only made my paycheck look smaller than it already is.

Predictably, I went online and typed the phrases "make money online" into the Google Search and checked out what's in store for me (bet you've been here too).

The search results left my jaw hanging.

I slowly discovered what Internet Marketing was in a nutshell and eventually I invested in an E-Book from an infamous Internet Entrepreneur via... what do you know? Clicking on a Google ad, which was being run by an Adwords advertiser.

One manual turned into another and it wasn't long until I was diving into a library of materials that promised to teach me how to make money online. I was seduced by the promising wealth and owning a string of "hands free" Internet Businesses became my day time dreams.

Concurrently, I was (and still am) also a clan leader for one of the leading computer games. I was operating a clan site and after learning about what Adwords is about, it finally made sense.

I couldn't help but noticed the ads that were constantly being displayed in the Adsense boxes on my clan pages (which earned me a meager income, by the way) and they were selling "how to" computer game manuals.

An evil scheme brewed in my mind

"These guys must be making big bucks!" I thought to myself. "Heck, I should whip up a computer game E-Book myself, charge no more than ten bucks for it, advertise it through Adwords, and I'll be swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck!"

So I started writing my own E-Book based on my experience in playing this game, registered for an account with Google Adwords and voila - I was in business!

... Or so I thought.

I was on the verge of going insane.


Instead of making money, I was losing it. My bill for running the ads shot through the roof. My Adword campaigns proved to be a liability and it started munching into my monthly paycheck. Before I knew it, I was forced to reduce my lifestyle.

I didn't know of any expert or mentor to turn to. My friends and colleagues were the last people on Earth I'd go to because... well, let's put it this way: I'm usually "the odd one" in the crowd.

And it doesn't take an educated guess to know what they'll say - "you're insane!" Now where did I hear that...

Bidding on generic high volume keywords
Leaving out keyword synonyms
Using one ad group for many keywords
Not using negative keywords
Not including keyword phrase in the ad copy
Usage of non optimized landing pages leading to a poor quality score
Getting burnt with Google content ads
Not split testing ads

So much for online riches, huh?

Throughout the ordeal, I started to sympathize with myself. Day dreaming at my job turned into a mental turmoil of worry and anxiety. My work performance dropped, needless to say. So I might as well forget the promotion because I already knew I wouldn't get it.

One night, I did my soul-searching. And it was the best one hour in my life that I have had to myself. I became more sure than ever because...

I knew it was only right in front of my eyes. I only needed to know how to crack the code and it'll be HOME RUN for me.

After all, there are already people making a successful living from Adwords marketing. Most of them are ordinary folks so it certainly didn't require any kind of prestige or superhuman talents. Besides, who is going to tell me I can't do it?




So I made a run for it.




Instead of slacking at my job (which I admit I was guilty of it), I started working harder than ever. And by the time I reached home, I would be at my computer - dedicating my time to nothing else but "cracking the Adwords code".

As a result, I slept less than 6 hours a day. And instead of trying to save money and go downsizing, I continued to pour my savings into purchasing E-Books and software that will help me reach my goal.

I also risked carrying out my own unique Adword experiments that were never written in the books of other people before.

This went on for 4 consecutive months.




> > Fast Forward to TODAY.




Instead of spending more time working at the computer, I spend more time at the cyber cafe playing games and with my girlfriend.

The multiple Adwords campaigns that I have set up now bring me income on auto pilot not only for my own products but also other people's products which I am promoting in the shoes of an affiliate.

Like possessing the midas touch, I can turn and flip every product into marginally high profits - whether I create it or endorse as an affiliate. Whereas most of my competitors are too inflexible to changes, I can penetrate into various red hot niches at will.

And the result? My online income steadily and predictably grows by the day.

The wee late hours of chugging like a bullet train through countless nights and chancing the risk of spending more instead of downsizing my resources finally paid off. A perilous exercise not without cost, no doubt.

Life is bliss ever since.


"Anyone Can Get Started Right Away!"

Thank you for finally creating an Adwords product that is full of valuable information and not just tricks that don't work for others. This is a valuable resource that really does cover Adwords from A-Z.

It's good to finally see real information on the web and with “Adwords In A Box”, anyone can get started right away,  and actually know what they're doing. 

Great job and thanks again!

Daniel McGonagle

"Easy To Follow 5 Day Action Plan"


Making money with AdWords campaigns can be a mine field! Your new report helps get it right the first time and the 5 Day Action Plan is so easy to follow...



I can't wait to dust off my old “X” campaign and start making money with it again. :)


Matt Garrett

... if I could teach them how to do the same thing.

Of course I obliged in helping my buddies without asking for anything back. I had just quit my job, my earnings were autonomous, and I had time to kill.

After all, we're friends, right?

... Right???

What innocently started out with just one or two friends then slowly grew into a crowd - my friend's friends' friends started approaching me like bees attracted to honey.

It didn't take long before my time was consumed by people who are, like I was once, new to marketing online.

This was when my frustration started to build up. I didn't had time for anything else if I were to spend the rest of my lifetime teaching people how to make money online in person - and worst still, I wasn't even getting paid for it!

I couldn't help but asked a few of my friends why they didn't join a seminar or coaching program since there are already Internet Marketing experts in the business of helping others.

Their replies left me cold.

The coaching programs and offline courses are too expensive and is beyond the reach of many. And even if they could gain admission, the Internet Marketing experts could only offer so much of their time and attention.

One fine afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Ng. If you have not heard of Matt, he is one of the leading Infopreneurs in my country and he is widely renowned for his vast resources, wide knowledge and impressive networking skills to boot.

>>> His idea switched my light bulb ON. <<<

"That's easy. Why don't you just detail out your Adwords Marketing success in a step-by-step manner and package it once and for all?"

So Matt and I shook hands, and Adwords in a Box was conceived.

"Filled The Void With This Great Package!"

Thanks so much for the heads-up on 'Adwords In A Box'! When I wrote 'Making Sense of AdSense' I looked around for a good AdWords product to go with it, but didn't find any I felt was up to par. You've now filled that void with this great package...

You can be sure I'll be recommending this package to those who buy my e-book, and to anyone else looking for really profitable AdWords strategies that really work - well done!

All the best,

Doug Champigny



Adwords Package

If you don't have the deep pockets or time commitment to attend a coaching program, That's why I KNOW you'll love my *ultimate* Adwords Marketing course.

Disclaimer: First and foremost, I want to establish what Adwords in a Box is NOT:

  • Adwords in a Box is NOT about rehashed "repeated-to-death" Adwords strategies all packed into one.

With the exception of basics such as setting up your Google Adwords account and campaigns, I guarantee you that the strategies I am about to share with you are nothing that you know so well of.

  • Adwords in a Box is NOT PLR material.

Yep, what this means is that none of my content were flipped from former Private Label Content. It's purely original.

  • Adwords in a Box is NOT a magic bullet to riches.

Granted I am not out there to promise you a million dollars from the milky way and I don't want to insult your intelligence. I show you how I make my money from my Adwords campaigns and like everything else, it requires practice.

  • Adwords in a Box is NOT about making money from "make money" niches.
I am strictly a niche marketer. However using the same concepts and strategies, you can also apply and dominate several areas in the "make money" niches!

Because I detail all of my real-life experiences from A to Z in setting up my Adwords campaigns successfully... every single step of the way with nothing held back. Which means there's going to be no Volume II whatsoever - this is IT.

Here's a sneak peak into Adwords in a Box:-

"Adwords in a Box" Confidential Manuscript
The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Killing from Google Adwords!

Here's some of what's inside the 88-page Confidential Manuscript:-

Learning Curves Debunked!

I cracked the code to Adwords success at the expense of more than four months of countless nights and seven thousand dollars down the drain before I saw my first ounce of profit. Learn EXACTLY what I did without having to go through the same process I did - and jump start your Adwords marketing within minutes!

How to Uncover Red Hot Niches Within Minutes Using FREE Tools!

This is the most fundamental business principle yet is also the most neglected. Leave this mistake for your competitors while I show you how to dive into action and detect highly profitable niches within minutes using what is already readily available on the Internet without shelling out another cent extra!

How to Pay FAR LESS Than What Your Competitors Are Paying For!

Bidding on the same keywords with a host of competitors can plunge you into the price war UNLESS you know how to secure hill-over-ground advantage. I show you how to pay way, way less than what most of your competitors are bidding for every click on the same keyword - and profit more!

Generate Red Hot, Laser-Targeted Traffic!

Discover how to drive in *MASSIVE* traffic to any product and website you own using the "long tail" approach!

SKYROCKET Your Affiliate Profits!

In business, profit is everything (not revenue, God forbid). You will find out all of the precautions and steps I took to ensure that my profits are marginally high - around 70-75% - without having to risk overspending on bidding for keywords!

How To Set Up MULTIPLE Winning Campaigns In Minutes!

Unearth the layman secrets to building a foundation for multiple, highly profitable campaigns to drive in "customer" traffic into just about any product that you promote - whether it's your own or other people's products!

How To Create Successful Landing Pages That Convert Like Crazy!

If you are funneling the paid traffic into your own web sites, here's how you can sky rocket your conversion rates drastically just by making a few small tweaks and changes to your web site!

5-Day Action Plan For Immediate Results!
Jump Start And Accelerate Your Google Adwords Campaign For Maximum Profits!

As soon as you've completed the Confidential Manuscript, I would like to invite you to dive into action with my unique 5-Day Action Plan to Dominating Google Adwords for immediate results and profits!

In this workbook, I lay out a sequential step-by-step Action Guide - from assembling all the tools you need and locating red hot niches to setting up your first campaign and bid smartly for low-cost, high-profit!

With all the guesswork eliminated for your convenience, you no longer will have to guess in the dark!

The 5-Day Action Plan is easily and effortlessly duplicable for just about any Google Adwords exercise to profits... from any product!

The Secret Niche Insider Special Report
My Detailed Insights On How You - Or Anyone - Can Make A Small Fortune From "Niche X"!

That's right. I am handing you a super hot niche to you on the silver plater! If you're new to niche marketing then this is going to be a real eye-opener for you. And advanced marketers, read this as a bonus treat because this is like opening the doors to crazy hot "cash cow" niche!

Some of my marketing friends are calling me crazy for doing this because... well, truth to tell, this is one of the really hot niches some of my products are in.

And you know what?

"Niche X" alone makes me $6,000+ per month - and that is just one niche. PLUS the competition here is relatively low. When I say "low" I am not referring to the numbers. To be honest, the competitors are too poorly equipped to even provide a challenge. It's like "the one-eyed man is the king in the land of the blind".

In my Special Report, I show you the ins and outs of this niche and how you can pull off a residual fortune from it using Google Adwords as your lethal marketing weapon!

No sophisticated previous experience, knowledge and abundance of resources required!

But that's not all.

100% Ready-to-Go Niche Website
Set Up Your Instant "Plug N Play" Business In The Next Mouse Click!

In addition to the Secret Niche Insider Special, I am also dishing out a 100% ready-to-go niche business, complete with:

  • Professionaly written Landing Page,
  • Stunning web graphics,
  • Excellent web content and
  • "Strategically" Peppered links to four of the top rewarding affiliate programs!

This gives you INSTANT foot hold into the highly profitable "Niche X" (again, no it has got nothing to do with the "make money" niche). Thus this adds one extra "cash cow" niche to your existing portfolio of income earners as you fit into my shoes as a renegade niche marketer!

And to wrap up this sizzling deal...

Instant Access To My Private Library Of Highly Profitable Keywords To Bid For!

Yep, that's correct. This in my opinion, is worth HUNDREDS more in "real world" value compared to the price I'm asking for this entire Adwords in a Box package.

To kick start your lucrative income-raking journey in "Niche X", I am also giving you the "tactical map" i.e. my personal list of superbly profitable keywords to bid for on the plain of Google Adwords platform!

Imagine how much time and effort saved with all the keyword research already done for you!


"Strongly Believe In Product!"


Thanks for allowing me early access to check out your latest product, AdwordsInABox'! It was a really great read and there is something for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Adwords users alike.

Peng Joon and Matt – you guys really do lead people by the hand and show a complete Google AdWords text based campaign with all the bells and whistles intact and I strongly believe that anyone who buys this product will get a clearer picture on exactly what it takes to become successful using Google AdWords for their online marketing.


I’ll be making sure I recommend this product to my clients.


Colin Klinkert

"A Job Well Done!"

I must commend on a job well done! I thought AdWords training is best taught through video or in a 'live' workshop but I am impressed with the way you started your e-book right off the bat to cater for the newbies' understanding..

"AdWords In A Box" is detailed, filled with screenshots and explains the key features of an AdWords account very well, not forgetting the marketing strategies too. Very encouraging!

Great Job ,

Nelson Tan

Let's start adding up the total value of this generously proportioned package:

1) "Adwords in a Box" Confidential Manuscript - This is the real value of how much Peng Joon earns a month from this niche "X" Adwords campaign.

2) " 5-Day Action Plan" - This is the cost of Peng Joon's hours in consultation for setting up a personal success plan for you.
3) "The Secret Niche Insider Special Report" - This is the cost of the time and experience took to put together this niche "X" report.
4) "100% Ready-to-Go Website" - This is the value of the graphics, design fees and time to create.
5) "Private Library of Highly Profitable Keywords to Bid For" - This is valued for the countless time, money, research, testing and teaking of the Niche "X" kewords. 

This brings the full package value at... $418.00, and I'm dead sure it's going to return you even more this value as long as you do what I'm telling you do to across all the products and niches you want to dive into. I didn't arrange this offer at the spur of the moment because... hey, I'm about to divulge my "secret weapon", you know!

And for many reasons at all, I really shouldn't be.

"Takes Reader By The Hand And Shows How To Make Money!"

You guys have done a great job by creating Adwords In A Box.. You literally take the reader by the hand and show them how to make money through Google Adwords.

There are several books out there that promise the reader that they will get a step by step manual to succeed with Adwords but none of them could ever deliver what they have promised on their sales page.

When I first saw Adwords In A Box I thought to myself... "Please not another book about Adwords". BUT once I opened the book and began to read it, I realized that there has never been such a book before. The difference to all the other e-Books out there is simple: You tell your readers the whole story; You show them everything they need to succeed with Google Adwords. And that is what you guys did. Just by showing them step by step with an ACTUAL ADWORDS BLUEPRINT!

Kudos To You Guys,

Guido Nussbaum

Now if you'd shop around and manage to find anything similar (if you can, that is) they're probably plastered with hefty price tags in the range of between $397 - 1,497. (And I've already established how priceless Adwords in a Box is once it falls into your hands)

So if I say that you can secure your copy of this entire package in the next few mouse clicks for just $297.00, I am sure you'll agree with me that this is bargain in the basement.

And if you do...

You're going to be in for a treat... because I have NO intentions of charging you that today.

It's NOT going to cost you anywhere near that.



For Not




Nope, Not Even $197



Okay the suspense is probably killing you by now so I'll let you off the hook. After all, you have to admit that this is one heck of a deal, isn't it?

I don't want to be creating too many competitors. I am at the risk of divulging the core secrets to one of my highly profitable, red hot niches - at my expense. The only reason I am doing this is because I cannot be spending too much time training each and every person who comes to me, asking how Adwords marketing is done the right away.

Did you know that the more people who bid on the same keywords, the higher the bid prices will be? Thus the sooner you act, you can secure the first mover's advantage and dominate all the Search Engine traffic you need in your niche... just because your competitors were a little late!

And because Matt and I are in the middle of launch for this site you can secure your instant access to Adwords in a Box at a special price.


Act Now And Grab Your Copy For A One-Time Investment Of Only $197.00 $97.00!

Instant Access For Only $197.00 $97.00

Take Action Now & Invest In Adwords In A Box!

Take Action Now. . . While This Discounted Price Is Still In Effect! The regular price will be $197.00 (or higher). So act now and avoid disappointment!

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. . . Your Purchase Is Protected By Our 30 Days "Or Your Money Back" Guarantee.

To Your Online Success,

Peng Joon                      


P. S . Finally and right now, you can get your hands on the best Adwords marketing advice - a real insider's information that had cost me thousands of dollars to discover.

In Adwords in a Box, I hold ABSOLUTELY nothing back. There won't be any "Adwords in a Box Volume II" for you to buy because everything you need is found in this package.

REMEMBER. . . Your Investment Is Also Backed By Our 30 Days
100% "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

You are welcome to compare to anything vaguely similar and I am very sure you will agree with me that there is no equal to Adwords in a Box. And compared to what other top marketers are charging their customers, you can grab Adwords in a Box at a steal for only $197.00 $97.00

Once you have access to Adwords in a Box, you can begin earning your bucks starting immediately. If you change your mind for some insane reason this is not for you, simply approach my helpdesk and ask for a refund. Provide your receipt, I will refund your purchase in FULL - every single cent of it. No questions asked.

You have nothing to lose because all the risk is on my shoulders!

P. P. S . Here are even more praises and testimonials on Adwords in a Box:

"Hope They Create More Blueprints Like This One!"

If your looking for a step-by-step guide to making money using
Google Adwords then this is what you have been looking for. This
will take you and hold your hand as you follow the steps to making
money with Adwords.

Peng Joon and Matt even provide you with a niche and all the information to use, so that you can get started right away. These guys have done a great job putting this product together, I can't wait till they create more New Adwords Niche Blueprints like this one

To Your Success,
Mitch Mauldin

"Good News To All My Subscribers!"


This is one the most complete guide for anyone who want to start using Adwords. The 5 Day Action Plan is so easy to follow and it has become my master blueprint for my future Adwords campaign.

If you are fed up with the current job or want to improve on your earnings, this is really no brainer and you should obtain a copy. Looking at the result they got in less than 60 days. Peng Joon is so  generous to share their secret of making alternative income source (it could be an additional source of income) for you.

I am so excited you have made this guide at an affordable price. This is really good news to all my subscribers!

All the best,

Steven Wong
Blog Marketing Malaysia

"Too Many Confuse Newcomers. Not Yours!"


I'm so impressed!

There have been countless Adwords manual authors who claim that their course is appropriate for newbie Adwords users as well as the experienced ones.

Too many of them just confuse newcomers. Not yours! It's a breath of fresh air to finally see a course MADE for new Adwords advertisers.

Nice work!

Mark Sandquist

P.S. I was going to take your advice and print it out for easier reading but, I'll have to buy more paper first, this is HUGE. ;-)

Take Action Now & Invest In Adwords In A Box!

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